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Blogging and Podcasting

Blogging and Podcasting:  Explore the Potential 

  • Plug your business into the world of multimedia.Extend the Power of Your Website: Fluid, conversational and often relatively informal, blogs and podcasts extend the reach and effectiveness of your web site by emphasizing the day-to-day activity of your company and your team.

  • Introduce Expert Voices: Offer greater insight into your team's passions, personalities, and perspectives by featuring their voices in your blog entries or podcast episodes. Give readers and listeners  a glimpse of you and your resident experts in action.

  • Underscore Your Evolution:  Feature upcoming developments. Highlight new products and services.  Showcase recent successes.  Blogs and podcasts record and archive your company’s continuous growth and activity.

  • Highlight Community Service and Involvement:  Business blogs and podcasts are the perfect mediums in which to highlight active involvement in your industry and connection to your surrounding community.

  • Invite Participation:  Blogs and podcasts invite response, and prompt conversation. Facilitate two way communication by soliciting feedback, and monitoring and replying to comments.

  • Expand Networking Opportunities: Make your blog and podcast feeds readily available via RSS buttons that allow for one-click subscription.

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