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As your business grows, consider developing an Internet and Email Policy and Procedures guide covering such items as email etiquette basics, and appropriate workplace use.  You may wish to begin with a good sample policy, adapting it to suit your specific needs and concerns.  A number of excellent books exploring more advanced topics are also available, and are well worth both reading and keeping on hand as reference guides.

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Business Email: Best Practices
  • Dedicated Use:  Use business email addresses predominantly for business purposes.  Consider creating one or more alternate email accounts for casual personal communication and online shopping.

  • Multiple Access Interfaces:  Ensure that you and your employees have multiple means of accessing email easily:  via Outlook or other email clients,  via a website interface available from any computer, and via smart phone. 

  • Password Security: Assign complex passwords, protect them, and change them frequently.   Allow users to set their own passwords, but ensure that administrators can reset them quickly and easily.

  • General Purpose Addresses:  Create general purpose addresses such as "" or ""  for roles that more than one employee might fill, and for publishing on websites, blogs, and social networking sites.

  • Standardized Signature Blocks: Deploy standardized signature blocks throughout your organization to ensure branding and graphic identity consistency.  Signature blocks should include  key information in a standard order and format, your logo and tagline, and a link to your website or blog.

  • Email Marketing Identity Management:  Design your email marketing pieces to echo and complement the visual style and brand message of your website and print documents.  Adopt an opt in/opt out approach to build good will.