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"Database" can be an intimidating word, but the truth is that whenever information is collected, organized, searched, edited, or  delivered online, a database and its related tools are working behind the scenes to get those tasks accomplished.  Most of us interact with numerous databases daily.  Here are some examples of the everyday database in action:

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Working for You Today!

AxisPortals puts your information to work for you.  Our internet and intranet deployed interfaces make it easier than ever to access your information, to keep it up to date, and to make it useful to you, your employees, and your clients. Free your data from your desktop applications, and put it to work online for you and your company today! Contact AxisPortals for a free database consultation. 


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Online Databases

Put Information to Work for You!
Embed Database Tools in Your Website, Online Office, or Intranet Site


  • Contact Information from Website Visitors and Prospective Customers

  • Requests for Demonstrations, Further Information, or Follow-Ups

  • Employment Inquiries and Applications

  • Membership and Special Event Registration Information

  • Web User Feedback: Suggestions, Comments, Requests

  • Customer Assessments of the Quality of Products and Services Delivered

  • And More! AxisPortals helps you gather the information you need to maximize quality and productivity.


  • Up-To-Date Position Listings and Job Descriptions

  • Employment Applications, Membership Applications, Subscription Forms

  • Catalogs of Products and Services

  • Schedules of Events:  Conferences, Presentations, Podcasts, Performances

  • Guides and Directories:  Locations, Personnel, Key Terms, FAQs

  • Customer or Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Interest Surveys

  • And More! AxisPortals designs customized databases, tools, and forms for a wide variety of internal and external uses.

Edit and Update

  • Edit data easily with tools embedded securely in password protected online work spaces.

  • Assign editing privileges to select members of your team.

  • Update key information without compromising data security or integrity.

  • Readily compile and manage data without Excel, Access, or similar tools.

  • Import from and/or export to Excel or Access if you prefer!

  • Convenient and Flexible!

Analyze and Report

  • Customized data relationships and views make analyzing information and running reports quick and painless.

  • Track usage statistics.