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Collaboration is Key

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"One of the main functions of a Web Office is to enhance collaboration and the ability to share files. Because the Internet enables you to store files on a server, and access the data from anywhere via the web browser, it's more suited to collaboration than traditional desktop software."

--Richard MacManus in "Web Office Defined" on ReadWriteWeb.


"Changing an organizationís culture to support successful IT involves establishing new attitudes toward organizational communication. IT success rates will only improve when organizations initiate systematic efforts to institutionalize greater information sharing."

--Michael Krigsman in "Office 2.0: 'Conversations' Prevent IT Failure" on ZDNet.

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Online Offices and Document Portals
AxisPortals' Online Offices and Document Portals Feature:
  • Centrally available tools and workspaces.  Access, manage, and collaborate on contacts, tasks, documents, schedules, projects, and more.

  • Document storage and retrieval via both a convenient website interface and a familiar web drive and folder interface.  Use either or both with equal ease depending on your needs and location.

  • A hierarchy of editable permissions settings to ensure that documents are readily accessible to those who need them, but can't be accessed or edited by others.

  • Scalable, affordable storage to accommodate growth and allow for archiving.

  • Secure socket layer protection for added security.  SSL portals are HIPAA compliant.

  • Full text, title, and tag search capability for fast location and retrieval of content across locations.

  • Calendars, announcements, contacts, tasks, and links features for project management.

  • Integrated email option.  Access all of your online communications tools via a single login.

  • Scalable number of authorized users so that your virtual office can evolve with your business.

  • Personalized graphic design for consistent branding and graphic identity management.

  • Turn-key ease and affordability.  Your documents are available from any internet enabled computer.  There is no software to install, and no expensive hardware to purchase or maintain.

  • Integration with Microsoft Office.  Access, view, edit, and save  documents from within MS Office.

  • Flexible online workspaces specifically tailored to suit your business's needs.

  • Integration with your corporate web site.

Advantages of the Online Office

  • Flexible: Access your online office space from any internet Results Only Work Environment:  ROWEconnected computer, anywhere, any time.

  • Convenient: Refer to your key documents and information at the office, at home, from a client computer, during a meeting or when you are travelling.

  • Affordable: No software to install or update, and no expensive hardware to purchase.  

  • Secure: A secure and reliable alternative to far pricier server models.

  • Powerful: Ideal both for the non-centralized office, and for extending the power and reach of the traditional brick-and-mortar office.

  • Accessible: Cross-platform, cross-browser accessibility.

  • Familiar: Integrates with familiar tools: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Training and Support

AxisPortals not only designs and configures your virtual office or document portal to suit your organization's specific needs, but also offers flexible ongoing training and support for you and your team. Select the training and support package that works best for you.  Opt for phone, email, online, or in person training and support plans, or mix and match to suit your emerging needs.  

 Training and Support

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