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"Online social networks allow a prospective customer or prospective member to easily facilitate a real, human-level connection with individuals within an organization. This enables genuine business relationships to form and puts an authentic human face on the interaction, changing the external perception of an organization from a sterile, faceless behemoth into a collection of individuals who are ready to help."

--from Why You Shouldn't Ignore Social Networks,

by Christopher Carfi



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Harness the Power of Web 2.O

What is Web 2.0?:

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Web 2.0 is all about social networking:  connection, participation, feedback, conversation, and two-way communication.  YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spoke, and Wikipedia are among the best known of the currently available Web 2.0 or social networking sites and tools.  In his widely viewed and highly regarded video, "The Machine is Us/ing Us," anthropologist Michael Wesch offers an overview of how Web 2.0 technologies change the way we interact with the web, and must fundamentally alter how all of us--including business entities--position ourselves in relation to web-based communication.

Social Networking, Online Presence,  and Your Business

According to the Pew Research Center's report, "Digital Footprints:  Online Identity Management and Search in the Age of Transparency," 53% of adult internet users report using the internet to seek information about others online.  Contact information, professional background and accomplishments, social and business networking profiles, and photographs are among the most frequently sought after pieces of data.  Corporate web pages are still important, but traditional, static websites no longer fully meet the needs of either our professional peers or our current and prospective clients.  AxisPortals offers comprehensive online identity management services, from domain acquisition to website launch, from blogging to podcasting, and from document portal administration to strategic business application of social networking activities.  Ensure that your corporate and personal online identity strategies extend and complement your business goals.  Request your AxisPortals' Online Identity Management Analysis Report today.  Reports include: 

  • A complete survey and analysis of your current personal, professional, and corporate online identities.
  • Website review and recommendations.
  • Multimedia review and recommendations.
  • Social networking review and recommendations.
  • Specific, personalized strategies for optimizing current and future positioning online.
  • A proposal detailing suggested services.


Whether you are launching a new business or revitalizing a current one, just entering the job market or seeking out a new position, a clear strategy for managing your online identity will play a crucial role in your success.  Now is the perfect time to develop and deploy an integrated, systematic plan for taking the best possible business advantage of today's rapidly emerging web-based digital networking tools and opportunities.  We're here to help.  AxisPortals succeeds when you do.


Web 2.0 is 2 Way Communication